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Claudia Croppo Psychotherapy

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Have you been feeling isolated, depressed or anxious?


Welcome to my practice where healing and growth intersect in a multicultural setting. As an experienced relational trauma psychotherapist in London, I offer compassionate and personalized therapy to support you on your journey of self reflection and confrontation of worries and relationship challenges while aiming to build healthier connections. With a focus on interpersonal trauma therapy, my goal is to provide a safe and nurturing space to explore the impacts of trauma, fostering resilience and cultivating meaningful transformations in your life. I am an integrative psychotherapist and through a unique blend of traditional psychotherapy techniques and creative modalities I offer a safe and innovative space for you. 

We can work online, or in two different locations: Central London (W1W) or North West London (NW11). Both locations are 2 min from a tube station.

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