Do you have a particular life obstacle you’re trying to overcome? Do you feel you'd like to have better relationship with people around you? Is any past relationship trauma still affecting your life? Or do you feel that being a parent has impacted your sense of identity, self-esteem and triggered past unresolved experiences? We all have a moment in our lives when we may feel hard to connect with those around us and its impact in our lives may feel hard to manage. Lack of connection can feel isolating, depressing and anxiety provoking. Those feelings may be taking a lot of space in your mind/life and making it hard to focus.

I would love to help you find ways to be more connected with yourself and those around you. At times, by using creativity we can find safe ways to look into difficult memories, experiences and feelings. You can tell me your story and we can identify strategies to support you develop more authentic and fulfilling relationships.

I know you may be feeling a bit unsure, get in touch and we can book a 15-20min phone chat and talk it through and have a feeling of how I work. Or we can book an in-person exploratory appointment and see how it goes from there.

My practice is in central London, Farringdon (EC1) and Bloomsbury (W1T), both with easy access to public transport. 


Stress & Anxiety

Interpersonal Trauma

Reflective Parenting

Work-Life Balance

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